What’s happening (EN)


liquor tasting

from 19:00 – 21:00 , liquor tasting glass € 2,50

Have you ever tasted this? Tasted what? Well, that amazing drink, you know, oh what was it called again? Well? Spill it because now I am curious?! Well, here have a taste! A tasting glass is only € 3,00 today! This tastes luscious! No…liquor! That’s what I said… Luscious


beer and burger

€ 14,50

You can find couples in all shapes and sizes. Fun- and boring couples. Big and small couples.Loud and quiet couples. Cute couples. Weird couples. Cuddly couples… but on Tuesday we havean incredible couple for you:
Beer and Burger!


jenever tasting

from 19:00 – 21:00, Jenever tasting glass € 2,50

Waiter! Waiter! I am thirsty! What shall I have? I do not know what to choose… What did you say? It is the perfect day to taste Jenever? Why’s that? Oh I see, well I completely agree, pour me a couple of those tasting glasses! What?! Those are just € 2,50? In that case. I’ll take the bottle!


hot beverages and apple pie

€ 4,95

Thursday! Weekend! Ow wait not yet… Well in that case. Let’s recharge for Friday. But how? I get it, you’re getting desperate! Don’t worry, don’t panic, today is the day for hot beverages in De Blauwe Parade! How hot you ask? No stress, it’s hot enough to take your time and just relax.


tonight all cocktails € 5,00

Imagine, you’re with great company on a deserted island with a beautiful pearly white beach and clear blue sea. While the sun slowly sets and the sky alights with an orange and pink glow on the horizon, you are drinking a divine cocktail from a coconut… doesn’t that sound horrible!
It’s a way better idea to go to De Blauwe Parade for Friday Cocktail Night!


Guilder prices between 8.00 pm and 9.00 pm

50% discount on drinks

The old days, what a time it was, don’t you think? No WhatsApp, no Facebook, no iPhone… Okay, what were we doing all day back then?! The old days, what a strange time actually… Although, back then we still had Guilder prices, what a time it was, the Guilder time. Hmm, that good old time… Tonight between 8.00pm and 9.00pm everything is in Guilder prices again: 50% discount on every drink!


Traditional Beertasting Experience

€ 24,00

Hey you there! Do you know where it all started for Heineken? You know, the beer that opens your world. Well, don’t look any further, because it was right here at this spot! Not nextdoor, not in front of us, not behind us. No, it started right here, in De Blauwe Parade. Going with the device ‘Where it all started’, talented singer-songwriters will be given a stage to get things started.